Star Wars Memes Funny-Memes Point

If you are watching Star Wars movies then a special thing will come to your mind and that is Star Wars Memes. This is the only thing you will remember when you are watching any of the movies of the series of Star Wars.

There are tons of memes made on the movies of the series. You will definitely find dorky pictures made with some funny quotes regarding star wars movies. Those memes are very much interesting and popular to all of the people around the globe. Everyone likes those memes and searches them on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. People often poke their friends by sending them Star Wars Memes and this is an interesting way to poke your friend like this.

Maintain the proper sequence

If you want to watch all of the movies of Star Wars series, then you should maintain the proper sequence otherwise you won’t understand the story or the main theme of those movies. So, you should follow the sequence and watch all the movies one by one. Then you will come to find exact interest in those movies. So, if you are worried about how you should watch them and what sequence you should follow, then nothing happened to be worried.

Here we are suggesting you the proper sequence to watch all the movies. Follow them and enjoy the movies as well as the memes related to the movies.

You should start with episode IV, after that, you have to watch the Fifth Episode. Finishing the fifth one you have to go for the II, III and lastly the VI respectively. You can watch the first episode later because it doesn’t match with the rest of the movies of the series and also the story is different as well. So, follow the sequence and enjoy them and find the best memes related to them and you can also make memes by watching them attentively if you are good at making memes. There are thousands of meme ideas hidden into all of the movies.

Star Wars Quotes

About all the star wars memes are made with a very funny character which is called good old Yoda. It has the funniest scenes in those movies. The way it speaks, everyone will love and also laugh at its way of speaking. You will find that almost every pun of the star wars that came from a character named Luke Skywalker. You will find tons of star wars memes dirty in the meme list.

If you have a favourite character in the movies then you will love to find a funny meme about that particular character in the funny star wars memes.

Here we are showing you some of the funniest star wars memes 2019 and 2020.

1. Luke Walker and the Dangerous weapon in the Galaxy

You will find a scene where Luke walker is pointing the most dangerous weapon of the Galaxy at his face. It is one of the funniest scenes that you will find in the whole series of star wars movies. There are thousands of memes about these scenes. You will find them on social media and also you can search for these memes on other websites as well. Some of the Websites ranked this meme as the funniest one.

star wars memes

2. Every Scene is a meme

This meme can be ranked as the truest meme of the list. If you are watching prequel films then you will find that every scene becoming a meme. Any of the viewers will find things funny while watching this one. The fun begins at the very starting of the film. The prequel films are filled with full of comedies and all the people who make memes, appreciate this one and make savage star wars memes by watching those films.

3. Chosen one

The year 2020 is a different year. You will find a lot of holidays which is very close to the weekend, so the students and all the working people will get a lot of holidays and also can have more fun in those days. The Halloween of this year is on Saturday, this means every person can enjoy this for a very long time and can enjoy party till late at night because the very next day is a Sunday which is the weekend. So, no school, bo work after the day of Halloween.

Also, you will see that Christmas is on a Friday. That means you will have a long holiday for Christmas as well.

Funny Memes

So everything on this years seems perfectly placed for everyone. This is why you will find a funny meme about this particular topic which is ranked at the upper side of the list of Star Wars Memes 2020.

4. Fitting Newton’s Law

The Third Law of motion of Sir Isaac Newton fits pretty well against Anakin. Because he is turning to the dark side as a result he believes that everything around him turns against him. As we all know that, the Third Law of Motions which is invented by Sir Isaac Newton says, “Each action has an equal and opposite reaction.” And here it is working properly against Anakin in the movies. Turning to the dark side, he finds that everyone and everything is turning against him.


You will find a meme, that Anakin is saying to Newton that he is turning everything against him and Newton says, “You have done that yourself.” That means it follows the law. This one is one of the funniest and savage star wars memes.

5. Zoom Call

During the Coronavirus Pandemic around the globe, nobody can go out and enjoy time with their friends. In that case, Jedi is starting a zoom call to his friend and enjoying the time at home. They are having a party together in this meme. The long-distance phone call over the Galaxy is a very funny thing to watch out for. Also is added by a hologram effect to make it more fun. The hologram effect is added because it shows that they are contacting each other from different galaxies. This is the Funniest one.

Final Words

Star Wars Memes are the funniest memes found on the internet. Every day millions of people search for them to post them on social media and to poke their friends. There are a lot of scenes in that movie to make memes and it is a fun series to watch. Enjoy them and get new ideas to make memes from Star Wars.