Grab a chance to Enjoy Funny Memes about Guys

We have a collection of funny memes about guys that are so hilarious. In most cases, men have different opinions about women. Women also have different opinions about men.  The difference causes conflict between the two groups.  Does it sound serious? Do not raise the alarm yet! It is high time you learn how different men are from women.

As a matter of fact, here is a portfolio of some funny memes for him. You will have the best time laughing and adding yourself more years to live. Let us get started

1.    You’ve found a good one

In the current world, we believe that when a man cannot control his woman, then he is found a good one! Also, he who finds a good woman finds love and God’s favor.  Did you know that not all women are submissive? In fact, men cannot control quite a number of their women.

funny memes for him

This happens when women have a job; they are independent, strong as well as intelligent. Such women do not say ‘yes’ all the time.

2.    Why marry the cow when the milk is free?

 Men use this quote on their women. That there is no need to buy milk or a cow and get it from their women. They are used to sucking women’s breasts.

Women put it this way, though, “Why takes home the whole pig while all you want is a bit of sausage?”

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3.    When are you going to settle down?

This is one of the memes about guys being players.  Some men are not like the “settle down type.”  Quite a several such would change girls like they are changing clothes.  Some would avoid relationships like the plague.  They do not plan to get married leave alone having kids. When you ask them if they would settle down someday, then they avoid you

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This is mostly a funny meme about hot guys that would make you laugh. I bet you know one or two from your neighborhood.   Are you settling down anytime soon?

4.    If women rule the world…

Women are fond of gossiping. They would gossip with each other until they do not talk to one another.

If women ruled the world

There would be no wars…


A bunch

Of countries not

Talking to each other!

Women have different tastes opinions. If they do not like anything about a person, they would just do not talk to that person.  Imagine if they rule the world, there would be no war, but countries will not talk to each other.  There would be no international visits in such a country, not international trade, and no fun.

5.    Fake

In the recent past, many people opt for plastic surgery.  It is a specialty that alters and reconstructs the human body.  They are under different categories, such as cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. 


Today, people want to enhance their boogs, noses, bums, hair, and lips. They are all ‘fake.’  Even though there is nothing wrong with this, why? Men do it as well. This is simply a funny meme about life.  

Conclusion of Funny Memes About Guys

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