Crying Cat Meme Just For Fun-Memes Point

Crying Cat Meme All About:

If you are a memes lover you must have heard the name “Crying Cat meme”. It was photoshopped so well that went viral of a sudden on social media. It’s an image of a cat looking like it is crying. A glittery pair of eyes makes it all.

Crying Cat Memes Came From:

On June 11 of the year 2014, the “Crying Cat” meme firstly posted by an anonymous member on a Meme Generator. It was a photo of a serious cat and then it was photoshopped with human eyes on the same image. That effect made that meme so cool and eye-catchy. It looked like the cat uncomfortably serious. Later in 2014, the meme appeared on the as it was a trend.

Crying Cat Memes

It was posted by the user YoussefArafat88. It just went vanished for a couple of months and wouldn’t re-appear in those days. It came to see again on April 9th in the year 2015. In pr0gramm the Germany-based imageboard was posted again. In Germany, the meme was also named “Schmuserkadser”. It became very famous in just 3 years.

It went viral throughout social media like Facebook 4chan and Reddit. The same photo but slightly photoshopped. The crystal eyes made it crying like a serious cat. So many forms of this photo were created at a time. People find it so funny and used it in many ways.

Meaning of the Meme:

The “Crying Cat” meme is one of the comical things in the memes world. The image of the cat is totally out of context. It’s the situation that makes it different all the time. Sometimes it is serious, sometimes it is crying, and sometimes it is crying but in a serious mood. Memes making it innocent and sometimes angry. Why the cat is crying? The question-answer is all to define the meme. The meme is all about expressing an innocent and adorable animal awkward situation with some funny lines or jokes.

Meaning of the Meme


If you don’t know about the “Crying Cat” meme you are out of the world, it is that kind of popular. It was invented on 11th June 2014 spread like a rocket going to the moon as well. It gained huge popularity and in four years the “Crying Cat” meme has 925 images across the world. Nowadays it has a lot of variants out there. Thumps up the crying cat, serious crying cat, and awkward crying cat and so on.

Crying Cat Meme

On Twitter and Reddit the image gained popularity as a reaction image. And it happened in April 2020. A post on Reddit treasured over 200 points and obviously, 100% upvoted. The post was the caption “When you’re chilling with your BF and he asks if you’re good but all you can think about is how fat your thighs look when you cuddle” with the photo of thumps up the crying cat.


Nowadays maybe memes in social media are mandatory. You can’t think your social media wall without a single meme image on it. It is the method of expressing something funny in a funnier way. Want to make fun of your friend? Take an image and write something funny on it. Post it on your social media and that’s it.

It’s that easy to make a meme. And the “Crying Cat” meme was also invented the same way. People liked it and I think liked it a lot that it spread across the so quickly. And even now it is a trending meme out there on social media. Though it was created in the year 2014. After six years of creation, it just increased the audience. It never lost its popularity.