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Overview of King of the hill memes

King of the hill is a fictional story that revolves around the Hill family. Hank Hill is the head of the family who is responsible, loyal, and honest, disciplined and works hard.  He is an honest salesperson.  He is an assistant manager at Strickland Propane. He sells propane as well as propane accessories.  He has a close relationship with his mother and enjoys the company of his next-door best friend. He does not trust the Government.

This is a rich storyline full of fun. We are adding more fun through these king of the Hill memes 2020:

1.Will you go out on a date with me?

Hank asks a girl out for a date, but she rejects. Soon afterwards, his crush changes her mind and calls to accept the date.  He describes the feeling after his crush rejects a date with him but then changes her mind.  He picks up the call and says that, “well, I did have a prior engagement but I can always tape it”. Deep inside him is happy and overwhelmed.

king of the Hill memes 2020

2.Worst time to find a job

Hank is seriously looking for a job. This is a superb example of the king of the hill coronavirus meme of the year. He is applying for any advertised opportunity in town. However, unfortunately, he does not succeed. He says, “Every time I get rejected from a job I applied to”. He is talking to his mum while she is going through the newspaper. He says “all these jobs are racists against people who do not have skills”.

king of the hill coronavirus meme

3.Dear lord… send me a sugar daddy! Ah ha

It is all about a girl who does not want to work hard in school but expects a good life.  When to financially support your lifestyle.  She goes down on her knees and indulges in a prayer. “Dear Lord, I don’t want to go back to college. So, please help me be sexy”.

King of hill memes

4.No wed, no bed

When she says she’s saving herself for marriage and you are okay with it because you love and respect her.  They claim that they love each other so much.  Therefore, they would sleep in the same room but different beds.  The funniest thing is that they are holding each other’s hands as they sleep to prove their love.

King of the hill memes


Hank and Bobby are out on a trip. They are driving really at a high speed.  However, there is another driver who is driving faster than them. Hank complains, “Now Bobby, I don’t condone street racing, but that darn Fujiwara kid needs to be taught a lesson”.

king of the hill coronavirus meme

6.Hank Hill. He sells propane a propane accessories

Hank enters a washroom for a long call. He feels really pressed and wants to poo.  When you think there is poo left but you push real hard and nothing happens. Hank inhales a lot of gas and now his stomach is full of gas. That is why he pushes hard and nothing comes out but gas.

King of the hill memes


King of the hill is an interesting fictional story that you would not miss reading.  You will also enjoy the king of the hill memes bobby and laugh more.

All memes collected by various sources & create new. My Main Goal is entrained Every people & fun. I hope enjoy It. Happy Reading & Stay Safe.