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Graphic Design is my passion meme: It is a manifestation that is regularly used by photographic artists or graphic design companies in self-advertisement. On Tumblr, the stereotypical axiom has been imitated as the ironic watchword for images presenting clip art cartoon characters place over a dark, cloudy background.

Graphic design:

Basically, graphic design is a skill where professionals can create their graphic content to interconnect messages. With the help of this graphic hierarchy and page design practices, designers use formatting and pictures to meet user exact needs and emphasis how can they displaying these modules in collaborative designs to enhance user involvement.

fitness is my passion meme template

In Graphic design, we can use image-based schemes including photos, illustrations, logos, and symbols, or it may be the sometimes type-based designs, or it may be the grouping of both procedures.

Shapes provide you a selection of ways so that you can fill spaces imaginatively if you want to support your text and other forms of stability in a design. You can be created these shapes out of nothing, just using white space to give a strategy organization and simplicity.

According to the list of PayScale, the normal annual salary for a graphic designer is nearby

$40,000. It creates interest in a lot of persons that offer their services without real skill and information. Certainly, you have at least one person in your background who says: “Graphic design is my passion meme”. And he is not continuously actually brilliant, is he?

graphic design is my passion meme meaning

This was for a reason that of such “professionals” that the prominent meme seemed. Let’s have some fun nowadays, laugh at the graphic design memes, and consider a few cool project templates for those makers whose occupation is truly their passion.

Graphic Design Is My Passion Origin

Graphic design is my passion is an old saying that is particularly popular amongst designers.

And not all of them are specialists in their field of life. You can see this popular saying in every second resume of any digital professional, remarks on Reddit, and many other social networks.

graphic design is my passion meme create

Tumblr employer became so exhausted of this saying in 2014 that they activated to parody it using a dull grey background, cartoon characters, and this very slogan written in the Papyrus typography.

With the help of this post designer collected 325,000+ notes in a year. After sometimes, many other employers also originated to offer their discrepancies of this graphic design meme, already with other unusual backgrounds.

Graphic Design Is My Passion Memes

Mostly you see many internet users who loved this ironic meme so much that since 2014 it has only been gaining admiration. The unique meme with a grey background was progressively unable to remember, but its residence originated a meme with a rainbow and with the same writing. You can often perceive the same meme with another writing, “web design is my passion.”

Graphic design is my passion meme

According to the Google Trends figures, since 2015, concentration in the meme has not diminished. Let’s take an aspect at its dissimilar comic variants.

Graphic Design Is My Passion – Rainbow Meme

The most characteristic example of this meme – a rainbow background and a cartoon character on a white background. This meme characterizes the way specific poor designers select fonts, and they work with these pictures.

Graphic Design Is My Passion Meme with Different Fonts

You should always remember that your first revelation to computers and trying to form approximately beautiful in the Paint editor? So many designers mix inharmonious fonts and use a dazzling set of colours!

passion meme

Graphic Design Is My Passion GIF

All the shades of the rainbow, literature of diverse sizes, outlandish tilt, and crazy animation – the whole thing here accurately shrieks about bad taste. Just look at that discontinuous and shimmering literature!

Why is graphic design my passion meme?

As I already said that your passion is all about your logical feeling and emotions for doing something big.

It relies on you as an individual and what matters to you. A creative person can create anything that he wants to create at any time. All your need is an amazing idea. If you apply your knowledge and experience, then you can easily transform these ideas into reality. In simple words, we can say a better human can creating better things.


So in this way, I can say that graphic design is my passion, and with the help of this passion, I can create everything better. It is the only field I found for. Me, I can say the graphic design has a very strong impact on me. Just like that, gravity has a strong impact on the earth. With the emotions, the expertise, and experience, I found graphic design the best option to have a career with.

I always love arts and crafts. Now technologies have made these things easier to get to. Computer software prepared to design easier and generated a field of chances. These opportunities make me believe that graphic design is my passion.

Now I will talk about realism. The practical purpose of selecting graphic design my passion are many. It is an ocean with a lot of opportunities. Almost every area in the digital world needs graphic design. It will be informal to answer which job does not graphic designer instead of’ who needs.’

Try different colors:

Whenever you were making your design with the help of any applications you are using, try to transfer it to Photoshop and then try with different colors to see which color will be the best for your design. Check the design again and again till you are satisfied with the right color.

Justify your actions:

Many times you may need to make a change outside the necessities given to you by your clients. They may not be intense, so you must be convincing enough to trade your designs and get the go-ahead.

graphic design is my passion meme generator

Take regular breaks:

You should not become stuck to your computer for prolonged periods. You should take regular breaks. You must walk and take some fresh air to make your mind fresh and ready for a better design.

Join forums

Most of the greatest creative designers work from their houses, but this should not stop you from joining opportunities. These opportunities allow you to encounter different people from around the world and share their ideas, and these ideas will take your work to the level up.

Save your work at short intervals

There is nothing not as good as losing your hard work, just because you cannot remember to save it. If you have done such a mistake, it can leave you in an unsatisfying situation, and you may not be able to redesign exactly what you vanished, and you might miss a major time limit.

Final Words

I tried my best to give the proper information about the meme. If you still have any questions in mind, then you can visit any other place for getting your answer. Moreover, try to make your own meme. It is not a difficult task overall. If you consumed some days, then you will able to make it good.

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