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Introduction of Doki Doki Literature Club Memes

If you’ve been in a toxic relationship before, the doki doki literature club surely brings back the nasty memories you would otherwise love to forget. The game entails dating 4 girls who possess some absurdly negative traits. From self-stabbing to suicide and jealousy, the doki doki game takes you on a horrific dating adventure revolving around four mentally unstable yet stunning girls.

However, on a bright note, we have compiled a few doki doki literature club memes to awaken your taste buds for dark humor.

1.    Manga is not literature, mate

The game creators really let their feelings known regarding manga as a literature type. Literature focuses more on the text’s quality to put across the intended storyline, which is in contrast to manga that focuses more on illustrations.

Manga is not literature, mate

The doll turns from cute to ugly real quick and portrays the game developers’ view on manga’s inclusion as a type of literature.

2.    What you see is not what you get

Ever wondered how your life would pan out if you dated girls who turned suicidal anytime you dared to turn down the love confessions? Playing the doki doki literature club gives some insight on how horrific dating such toxic girls can be.

What you see is not what you get

It’s even hilarious that the cover of the literature club game is a picture of four seemingly sweet girls, not to mention the pink coloring that adds to the soft girly feeling. If you thought the game is about harmless dating, just like in the SIMs dating adventures, think again. The game is a horrific dating adventure with suicide written all over the place.

3.    Suicidal thoughts

Sayori’s obsession with ropes makes the suicidal meme one of the funniest doki doki literature club memes due to its straightforward relatability. Whenever you reject Sayori’s confession, she heads for the rope to hang herself.

Suicidal thoughts

The funny thing, however, is that accepting Sayori’s confession won’t save her either. Sayori cuts herself in excitement if you accept her confession, making it literally impossible to save Sayori from her own demise.

4.    Monica and the delete button

Doki Doki literature club memes just cannot be complete without the inclusion of the infamously jealous Monica. Being the hottest among the pack doesn’t deter Monica from being the jealous friend. Apparently, the game wants you to date Monica, hence giving her the power of elimination.

Monica and the delete button

In case you start falling for any of Monica’s friends, Monica will surely delete your newly found love.

5.    Stay off the ropes, Sayori!

With suicide being among the major focal subjects in the game, memers just cannot enough of Sayori’s affinity for death. Even if Sayori miraculously survives to see the end of the game, Monica will surely delete her.

Stay off the ropes, Sayori!

It’s just hilarious how Sayori just can’t afford to cheat death for once.

6.    Kill them all

Here’s another doki doki literature meme that further emphasizes Monica’s jealousy towards her friends. To ensure you don’t fall in love with the rest of the pack, why not kill them to be left as the only option? Well, that’s exactly what Monica does.

Kill them all


Don’t be fooled by the sweet cover; the game is a hub of unstable girls who turn absurdly nasty when things go wrong. Dating a suicidal girl is not your typical walk in the park.

However, you can take some time off to laugh at our top-rated doki doki literature club memes. Dark humor and the literature simply go hand in hand. All memes are making various persons & collect Various sources. So It’s only for fun & entertains people who love memes a lot. Happy Reading Stay Safe & Stay with us. Thank You.