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Overview Single Memes For Females

Do you know that singlehood has its perks and pits?  On the other hand, is it the greatest relationship status ever?  It is all on you and your personal experience.  Some have fallen in love, but it did not work. Some love their crushes so much that when they see them with other women they feel like crying.  When it comes to love it all depends on the relationship decisions that you decide to make.  If you are yet to experience love, then note that singlehood has its perks and its pits.

Regardless of how you feel about singlehood, here are some I love being single for females memes that will make you laugh.  They will also make you cry and feel sorry for your current relationship status. Either way enjoys these memes and sees how they relate:

Let’s go for some experience with single Memes For Females. I hope it’s will be a pleasure and make fun of you. If you are watching & reading these kinds of jokes and memes enjoy it.

1.A woman with a man’s mentality is not a hoe, she is dangerous!

A man should reason like a man and a woman must reason like a woman. If a woman starts reasoning like a man then there is a big problem. Men have different roles to play in the society such as being the head of family. A man approaches a woman, brings the woman home and marries her. If a woman starts reasoning like a man then it is dangerous because she cannot be in a relationship.

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2.Seeing your crush flirting with another girl

Have you ever heard of a female in Europe who is single and has a crush in America? She refuses to be in a relationship hoping that she might meet with her crush someday. Unfortunately she sees her crush flirting with another girl on Television. You can imagine how she frowns and looks frustrated

3.How I sleep knowing that I am single

A single woman has the entire bed all for herself. She wants to make good use of her bed. She rolls from one corner to the other. The case is different when you have a partner and you must control your movement.  It feels even sweeter sleeping alone knowing that nobody is cheating on you.

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4.Single and ready to flammable

This is a group of females who are single by choice. They are single and ready to mingle.  They like mingling like a flamingo. Can you imagine how flamingo looks? It is tall and when it pulls its head, it can see from far.

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5.Being called cute all the time but you are still single

Rihanna is beautiful and talented. Many men out there would like to have something serious with her, but she is still single.  I don’t know how she feels with all the beauty and talented voice. However, it frustrates somehow. Do you think she is okay with her relationship status?

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6. I’m single by choice. Not my choice, but it’s still a choice

This is one of the most interesting I’m single memes for females that would make you laugh the whole night long. It is funny how a situation becomes a choice. If you cannot defeat them, join them, but it’s still a choice.


Would you like to be an object of attention? Then you have to stay single by choice and enjoy these I love being single memes. Single memes for females I wish to enjoy this. All memes are collected from various sources like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, etc.