5 Relatable Monster Hunter World Memes that guarantee to light up your day

Monster Hunter World Memes making on the best monster hunter games. The monster hunter world is a dungeon of monsters, with the players having to undergo the difficult task of capturing and slaying monsters for gems and rewards. However, monster hunting is not just but a pushover. From the blunt weapons to the seemingly relentless monsters, the monster hunter world games are a recipe for unending rage quits and anger moments across many gamers worldwide.

Nevertheless, nothing lets off steam than a coolly made memes. So, here is a list of dunk monster hunter world memes that guarantee to put a smile on your face.

The unending weapon sharpening

As the monster-hunting legend goes, there are two types of players- the long-range attacker and the melee hunters. However, the funny part about using melee weapons is that you have to keep sharpening the tools.

The unending weapon sharpening

Again, sharpening occurs right in the middle of the monster-hunting battle, leaving you exposed to monster locks and unending attack combos.

Why the monster hunter world game developers added the sharpening feature still remains a mystery.

The random gem dropper

Of the most annoying features in the mo0nster hunting, the world is that the gems are dropped randomly after slaying a monster. So, you might slay hundreds of monsters, yet gain nothing while another player might just hit the jackpot in a single slay.

The random gem dropper

Whys is this so? Apparently, the monster hunter world developers want to keep you playing the game. Otherwise, would the game be difficult if getting gems is as easy as simply slaying a few monsters? Difficulty adds to the thrill.

Skinning knife sharper than weapons?

If you thought you had enough irony in the monster hunter world, think about the carvi9ng knife that every hunter possesses yet cannot use in monster hunting combat. After each slay, hunters are given a maximum of 60m seconds to carve open the monsters for outstanding rewards.

What’s baffling about the scenarios is that the skinning knife opens the monsters in seconds, yet the weapons used in slaying the monsters take way too long. Apparently, you can only use weapons made of monsters’ bones and skin during battles, which makes the monster capturing a rather absurdly long process.

Why you can’t use the skinning knife to slay monsters still baffles gamers to date, probably the reason why the skinning knife meme m remains one of the most relatable monster hunter world memes.

The bystanders

The truth in the onlooker’s meme makes it one of the most relatable monster hunter world memes. When facing Nergigante at around level 12 in the monster-hunting world game, your supposedly hunting counterparts become absolutely useless.

The bystanders

As you take in a myriad of attacks from the relentless monster, your handler is basically mocking you as your life wastes away.

Your palico is merely a sympathetic onlooker as Nergigante is salivating at the thought of having to gobble you up for supper.

Not a single word from you again!

The most annoying part of the monster hunter world is the handler, who never seems to shut up. As if that’s not enough, the handler always wants to get credit for every monster slain, while doing absolutely nothing in ensuring the success of the monster-hunting combos.


Despite the annoying difficulty in playing the monster hunter world games, the monster hunter world memes can go a long way in a cooling way in cooling off the pressure. Again don’t laugh alone. Be sure to share the mimes with your fellow monster hunter world gamer junkies. These memes only Use for Fun & entertainment & collect various sources on the Internet. So I think this is best for entertaining your days. Happy reading